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PAS Sessions

Monday, September 13 (Preconference)

Track 2: Leadership; 1:00 PM - 5:15 PM

1b. Cultural Leadership Awareness: What is this “New” WAVE of Leadership?

As leaders “We Achieve, are Versatile, Encouraged, and Successful.” “We” represents unity, togetherness, and innovation. “Versatility” brings out our creativity and flexibility that represents great leadership skills. “Encourage” yourself to be great, to be better, and to grow your leadership skills.  Also encourage those around you: your co-workers, your subordinates, and teams.  Celebrate your “success” as a leader because it is hard work and requires additional strength and perseverance. Strive to “Achieve” beyond the day-to-day operations business.  As leaders, we must also be diverse in thought and deliberate in practice. As leaders, we must push the boundaries to new heights. As leaders, we must also be resilient. To navigate unchartered territory, you will need some tools to ensure progress along the way.  Here are 5 Steps to Journey Forward. So, let’s ride the WAVES together…Learn how to:
• WIDEN your lens - See what you don’t  know 
• APPRECIATE others - We can’t go it alone. Engage and involve = inclusion 
• VALUE your Leadership skills- “When you know better, you do better.” Lead like a rock star. 
• ENGAGE in “healthy” dialogue - Get comfortable being uncomfortable and embrace difficult conversations.
• SUSTAINABILITY practices improve progress - Two factors to explore: Social responsibility and external relationships.

Speaker: Dr. Anita Foster-Horne 

Continuing Education: 2.0 clock hours for Administrators/Alternates

2b. Finding Your Leadership Voice

To be a purposeful leader there has to be clarity in what you do, how you act, what is profound in your life, but more importantly how to use your voice and be heard, i.e., expressing thoughts, purpose, validation of actions and strength of being your genuine self. Without a voice you are less than the leader you should be. Learn how to become your truest authentic self. Join Tiffany Karlin on this journey to learn how to have an authentic leadership voice and be HEARD.


Speaker: Tiffany Karlin

Continuing Education: 2.0 clock hours for Administrators/Alternates

Tuesday, September 14 

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM


Keynote: DAILY RESET BREAK: Take control of your daily life using mindfulness

Session Description: 

Tessa Todd Morgan offers simple tools that can help anyone to manage daily stress in minutes, before it turns into prolonged burnout. Are you ready to re-energize, re-center, and re-boot your body, mind and spirit? Tessa will be your guide in light participation, including breathing exercises, simple stretching for the workplace, and action plan coaching to help us focus on proactive behaviors that support our emotional and physical wellness.

Come prepared to learn about ways to fight fatigue, increase concentration, maximize energy, elevate creative thinking, and train our brains to be more resilient in face of daily stresses at work and at home. Let’s learn the power of a Daily Reset Break.

Speaker: Tessa Todd Morgan

Continuing Education: 1.0 clock hours for Administrators/Alternates

Tuesday, September 14 

11:15 AM -12:45 PM

3c. PAS: SURVEY READY? What is the busy PAS executive to do?

Session Descriptions: We all know that surveyors can show up at any time and that we should always be ready. How many agencies can say they are always ready for a survey?  Join experienced speaker, Kay Hollers for this informative session that will provide tools to allow participants to approach surveys prepared and confident.  Emphasis will be placed on personnel issues, QAPI, Emergency Preparedness and other commonly cited operations areas. PAS agencies do not want to miss this educational opportunity!

Speakers: -- Kay Hollers, HCCL

Continuing Education: 1.50 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates;

Tuesday, September 14 

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

4b. ALL: Workplace Violence: Planning, Protecting & Preventing

Session Description: As leaders, you have probably asked yourself how you can keep your workplace free from violence in order to safeguard your employees.
• Have you played out your plan in your mind?
• Have you role played the plan with your staff?
• Is your plan part of your emergency preparedness plan?
Learn about some recent legislative pushes to require agencies to comply with a prevention plan. Join Grace as she shares her workplace violence experiences and discusses the factors that should be considered as you plan, protect and try to prevent workplace violence. 

Speakers: Grace Werckle, BSN, RN, TAHC&H   

Continuing Education: 1.50 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates; 1.50 contact hours for Nurses

Wednesday, September 15 

9:00 AM - 10:15 AM


General Session: The 5 Levels of Home care & Hospice Leadership

Session Description:

Great leaders constantly ask, ‘Who could do what I am doing now?’” Every home care and hospice leader and manager is on one of these levels with their organization and the individuals on their team. And the good news is that every leader can move up to a higher level and raise the influence of the organization. While you raise your own level, you can develop a plan to raise and equip your people to take on many responsibilities and authority you have… and allow yourself to both move higher and create a lasting leadership footprint.
Everything rises and falls on leadership; nothing more, nothing less.

Speakers: Jim Mathis

Continuing Education: 1.25 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates

Wednesday, September 15 

1:45 PM - 3:45 PM 


6c. Nursing Jurisprudence & Ethics

Session Description: All Texas nurses must obtain 2 contact hours continuing education on jurisprudence and ethics that must include education on board rules, practice act, position statements and professional boundaries. This session fulfills the requirements of the Texas Board of Nursing in an interactive format. Join us in becoming reacquainted with the Texas Nursing Practice Act, Texas BON Rules and Position Statements. Every nurse is charged with knowing the Texas BON rules that apply to nursing practice. Our speakers will take the rules everyone needs to know and apply those rules to your practice in home care. Ethical principles and professional boundaries will also be covered.

Speakers: Lisa Selman-Holman, Vice President Quality and Education, McBee

Continuing Education: 2.0 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates; 2.0 contact hours for Nurses