We are thrilled to be hosting our first in-person meeting in over 18 month and it’s going to be at an amazing venue, the brand new Kalahari Resort & Convention Center in Round Rock, Texas.


What is a hybrid meeting? We will be offering both an in-person as well as virtual option for attendees to participate in not only the educational sessions but the exhibits as well.


Estimated attendance: 425 total [we estimate a 50/50 split of virtual and in-person attendees]



CEOs, Administrators/Alternate Administrators, Director of Nurses, Supervisors, and more!

3 Ways to Participate:

Exhibit Booth




We’re excited to be using Hopin as our exclusive event platform for the virtual portion of the event. 

$2,100 Members; $3,550 Non Members

In-Person Tabletop Exhibit:

  • 8’x30’’ skirted table, (2) chairs, (1) wastebasket, and identification sign.

  • 2 (two) persons per booth with namebadge. (One additional namebadge may be purchased at a cost of $125)

  • Conference Meals

  • Admission for one to in-person educational workshops; (For exhibit personnel only, non-transferable)

  • Pre and post show electronic attendee list. Includes: mailing address, phone, fax, email.

  • Lead Retrieval technology access within the TAHC&H App

  • Profile in TAHC&H App including company logo, flyer inserts and links to your company website.

  • Electricity is not included and must be ordered separately through the hotel.


Virtual Exhibit Booth:

  • Standard Virtual Booth Space within the Hopin platform.

  • Live broadcasts from your office/home office

  • Video chat with booth visitors

  • Lead generation tool - you will receive data of visitors who show interest

  • Ability to present your services (by sharing your screen)

  • Group text chat with conference participants

  • Digital Flyer Inserts: (up to 3 files). Flyers will be listed on the TAHC&H app and the virtual exhibit booth. Insert your organization’s white paper, brochure, infographic, etc.

  • Detailed Company Listing: TAHC&H Website: Link to company webpage; App & Virtual Exhibit Hall: Company logo, website, description and social links

  • Pre and post show electronic attendee list – allowing you to personally invite attendees to your booth for prize drawings, virtual giveaways, free resources, etc. (includes mailing address, phone, fax, email.

  • Admission for two to virtual educational workshops; (For exhibit personnel only, non-transferable)

Exhibit Agenda


Monday, September 13

7:00pm-8:00pm               Exhibit Move-in


Tuesday, September 14

6:00am-7:00am               Exhibit Move-In

7:30am-8:30am               Registration Open/Exhibit Begins

10:30am-11:00am           Morning Break in Exhibit Area/Foyer


12:45pm-2:00pm             Lunch/Exhibits Open

3:30-5:15pm                    Business Meeting/Exhibits Open


Wednesday, September 15

8:00am-9:00am               Registration Open/Exhibit Area open

10:15am-11:00am           Morning Break in Exhibit Area/Foyer

12:30pm-1:45pm             Lunch/Exhibits Open

3:15pm                            Conference Ends/Exhibit Tear Down



Virtual Exhibit hall will be open the entire event with the recommended times below set aside for dedicated “live” exhibit interaction time. Exhibitors have the options to:

  1. Have staff live at your booth during the entire conference time each of the 2 days

  2. Have staff live just during the dedicated live times listed in agenda below (when not live, a preloaded video can be displayed instead)

  3. Not be live at all and instead, submit a video to be played on demand by attendees. 


Tuesday, September 14

10:30am-11:00am             Exhibit Hall Live [dedicated time to exhibitors – no other sessions occurring]

12:45pm-2:00pm               Exhibit Hall Live [optional. also attendee’s lunch break]

8:30am-3:30pm                 Conference Live


Wednesday, September 15

10:15am-11:00am              Exhibit Hall Live [dedicated time to exhibitors – no other sessions occurring]

12:30pm-1:45pm               Exhibit Hall Live [optional. also attendee’s lunch break]

8:30am-3:30pm                 Conference Live

$9,000 - lower price!!
A. Exhibit Tables in prominent location
Medium space
Largest space
B. Company logo on conference platform reception page (main hub for virtual event)
C. Logo on all handout cover sheets
D. Logo on all handout coversheets [accessed by all attendees – virtual & in-person]
E. Logo with hyperlink on TAHC&H website
F. Digital flyer inserts on TAHC&H app and virtual exhibit booth
G. Logo on all Annual Meeting email marketing materials
H. Logo and name recognition on opening ceremonies conference slide-show [viewed by all attendees – virtual & in-person]
I. Conference admission for booth staff personnel
3 staff in-person & 3 virtual
5 staff in-person & 5 virtual
J. Opportunity to introduce speakers with your organization's logo displayed in the in-person and virtual session room.
Two breakout sessions
One general session & one breakout session
K. Company logo on welcome signage at event [in-person]
L. Tote bag insert
M. Company logo on tote bag
N. Recognition of your organization and its sponsor support via social media every other week beginning August 1, 2021on TAHC&H's Facebook and Instagram channels.
O. Dedicated menu button in event listing on TAHC&H app [accessed by all attendees – in-person & virtual]
P. 1 full page color ad in welcome packet
Q. Complimentary banner ad under Annual Meeting Event on TAHC&H app
R. One Featured article in weekly newsletter, Perspective, highlighting sponsor company.
S. One featured app push notification during the live event hours.
T. Two Months of Retargeting Advertisements ($3,000 value and over 40,000 avg. views!)

What is retargeting? You know when an item you just looked at on Amazon follows you around the web? Or, when an advertisement you saw on a website was speaking directly to your specific needs and interests? That’s retargeting in a nutshell – putting the right ad in front of the right person at the right time, wherever they are online. Retargeting allows you to get exposure to your audience not only on your website, but wherever your audience is online.The real value we’re offering is access to our tracked digital audience. While other benefits guarantees exposure to people who show up at the event, any audience members who don’t go to the event in person or virtually simply wouldn’t see your brand. Sponsored retargeting allow you to get exposure to our digital audience and generate results longer.


Quick Hits Sponsor (limit 6)

$1,800 Member; $3,300 NonMember

Must be purchased with exhibit booth and be able to present both virtually and in-person.


Do you have valuable information to share with attendees? Is there a hot-topic of education you’re willing to present? Sponsor a quick-hits session and be the main attraction!

Here’s how it will work:

Each day during the conference, we will have a 25-minute Quick-Hit sessions timeslot (one for the virtual attendees and a separate time for the in-person attendees). During that time, attendees can choose to view your live session. Sponsorship is for one day of the program with two presentations (one for in-person attendees and one for virtual attendees). Want to present both days? Purchase multiple sponsorships.

The sessions should be 60% educational (15 out of 25 minutes) with the remaining 10 minutes of the training open to promotion of your company/Q&A.

Continuing education for administrators will depend on the content being offered. All content must meet the standards at 558.259 / 260 and be approved by TAHC&H prior to sponsorship being accepted

Additional sponsorship benefits include:

Recognition in opening remarks the day of your session.

Attendee list of participants including mailing address and emails.

Company highlight in attendee login information email sent out one week before event– can include company logo and one hyperlink.



Virtual Presentation: Will take place live on the virtual platform, Hopin. Speaker can also pre-record the session and TAHCH staff will play it back at the time of the session with the speaker being available live in the chat and/or on screen for Q&A.

In-Person Presentation: Will take place at your company’s exhibit booth. TAHC&H will provide a floor standing monitor and HDMI cable. Speaker must provide their own laptop.

Session Sponsor (limit 7)
$500 Member; $1,500 Non Member

Is there a particular speaker or topic you would like to sponsor? Sponsors gain additional exposure by introducing your organization, and the speaker. The sponsor may also provide a brief promotional video (30-60 seconds) to be aired at the beginning of the program. Also includes pre- and post-show attendee mailing lists, and admission for one to educational workshops the day of your sponsorship


Lanyard Sponsor (exclusive – in-person)   SOLD OUT
$1,000 Member; $2,000 Non Member

Have the attendees wearing your name...literally.  Attendees will use these to wear their name badges throughout the entire conference.


Bag Sponsor (exclusive – in-person)    SOLD OUT
$4,000 Member; $6,000 Non Member

Get your company in the hands of every in-person attendee! Sponsor the conference tote bag! Company logo will be printed on one side of conference tote bag (Platinum and Gold sponsors will be listed on other side of tote bag)


Face Mask Sponsor (exclusive – in-person)    SOLD OUT
$1,000 Member; $2,000 NonMember

Whether you are a fan of them or not, face masks have become the most visible accessory of 2020-2021. Provide masks for all in-person attendees and be the exclusive mask sponsor.  


Hand Sanitizer Sponsor  (exclusive – in-person)
$1,000 Member; $2,000 NonMember

You can never have enough – especially now! Provide travel size hand sanitizer for all in-person attendees and become the exclusive sanitizer sponsor.

Wifi Sponsor (exclusive – in-person)
$3,500 Member; $4,500 Non Member

Sponsor the most wanted amenity in meeting rooms…WIRELESS INTERNET! Benefits include custom network name and password; custom redirect once logged into network – (sends attendee straight to your website!), logo recognition on meeting agenda.


Owner's Forum Lunch Sponsor (Limit 2; in-person -September 14, 2021)
$2,000 Member; $4,000 NonMember

Talk directly to owners! Enjoy:

  • Two minutes at the mic!

  • Verbal recognition

  • Recognition sign at this event

  • One 6ft table for materials

  • Provide and set out one promo item at each place-setting 

Installation Lunch Sponsor (limit 2; in-person -September 15, 2021)
$2,500 Member; $4,500 Non Member

Reach attendee during their favorite time – lunch!

  • Play your promotional video (2 min max.)

  • (1) 6ft table inside room for materials

  • Provide and set out one promo item at each place-setting

  • Two tickets to lunch

  • Verbal recognition

  • Recognition sign at the entrance 



Event Signage (limit 2 - in-person)
$1,000 Member; $2,000 Non Member

Put your company logo all over the conference... on the signs! Your logo will appear on all conference specific signs, excluding signs recognizing other sponsors.


Event Guide

Welcome packet with all conference information for each attendee. (virtual and in-person)

  • Full Page: $750 Member; $1,400 Non Member

  • Half Page: $550 Member; $1,100 Non Member


Tote Bag Insert Insert (in-person)
$875 Member, $1300 Non-Member

Send us one promotional item and we’ll stuff it into the conference bag. Submit image of item to TAHC&H for approval by 7-30-21.  Ship promotional item to TAHC&H by 8-20-21.  Example items: Pens, Flyer, etc.)


TAHC&H App: Splash Ad (exclusive)
$1,500 Member, $3,000 Non-Member

Every attendee will see your full-screen ad for approx. 4 seconds before the Annual Meeting event sections loads on the TAHC&H app.


TAHC&H App: Banner Ad (limit 3)

$750 Member, $1400 Non-Member

This banner ad will rotate among most pages within the Annual Meeting event sections of the TAHC&H app. Direct attendees to your website or social media instantly!


Each exhibit purchase includes an IN-PERSON tabletop exhibit space AND a VIRTUAL exhibit booth.


Become of our top sponsors and enjoy a variety of benefits for brand exposure!